The Solutions

The negative effects of the current economic downturn is being felt globally. To mobilize  our plans for sustainability measurements of success and international best practices, The  PWA methodology/strategy  uses a successful business incubator as the model.
 Our response to combat the protracted issues and promote economic growth to further the development of business, trade, and industry and its sustainability, is to support small and medium multi-industry enterprises through PWA with an African international focus.

PWA should be viewed as a part of a broader economic development plan. Beginning in the late 20th century, the global marketplace has established itself as the dominant force in economic development.

To ignore the significance of the international market is to court economic failure. We have determined that an African business-focused initiative with an emphasis on the international arena offers significant opportunities to startups and ongoing arts-related businesses.  Our belief is that in developing international partnerships we must seek regions in the world with good economic growth where we have already developed some strong connections.