PWA promotes the building of partnerships across industries to facilitate the elevation of trade, elevate standards in education, managed healthcare, the retention of cultural identity, the collective heritage of Africa, growth, and sustainability of brand Africa.

The PWA initiative is unique, it recognizes dedication while celebrating in unison the “West African Legacy”, with the fusion of technology spotlighting tourism, trade, sports, entertainment,  music, arts and culture. The main aim is to bring together businesses, institutions, game changers and artists across nations.

Road Map

  • To function as a respected voice in international African affairs via a coordinated African-focused agenda. To cultivate and present a fusion of cultures while creating new pipeline and projects to promote growth and sustainability

  • To put a connectivity infrastructure in place with  its  PWA  projects as a priority topic when programs are considered for deployment across sectors and with  governments ,institutions, business trade and development organizations

  • To inspire them to also mainstream connectivity strategies in all other development projects such as health, education, and agriculture

  • To encourage West Africa as a whole at home and abroad as a collective diaspora  should support the  deployment of the WPA programs including the Building Equity Sustainability,  Women in business development, and ongoing  connectivity campaign, and initiatives in West Africa by embracing  projects in all geographical areas of the region particularly in rural areas;

  • To inspire all West Africans in the diaspora and members of the financial sectors, support mobilization and connectivity to be less fragmented.

  • Procure connectivity and alignment for West Africa business development policies, to encourage and promote initiatives.  Tender  hybrid infrastructure projects, including a mix of sports entertainment and technologies that can deliver faster and more efficiently combined rather than separately;

  • Favor fast track, resilient, efficient, and long-term (4 years) Public, Private, Partnerships(PPP), through calls for sports and related women in business initiatives, as the main sustainable business model for bridging the socio-economic divide and support of development in West Africa;

  • Provide funding for the recurrent costs of connectivity in addition to elevate the sustainability of new projects (at least 3 years funded)  where there is no possibility for the private sector to provide services in a sustainable growth-related program.

  • Provide the opportunity for the most vulnerable women to have access to  financial aid, in order to allow for local businesses to become sustainable

  • Institute an articulated and efficient Public / Private dialogue that facilitates the input of concrete measures across sectors and allows for a swift move towards implementing solutions on the ground.


  • “The PWA Hub” was created in West Africa to provide related programming that assists in building bridges to encourage cultural understanding and economic development in both tactical and ethical sportsmanship skills and provide opportunities to individuals from all socio-economic and cultural backgrounds
  • PWA will create a fusion of synergistic multilevel/multi-industry business trade, entertainment, arts initiatives. PWA will navigate business across sectors: Healthcare management, entertainment/multimedia arts, culture, tourism, and technology. PWA will engage internationally as well as regional artists, musicians, entertainers and highlight Africa’s impact through its cultural legacy at its best.
  • Education is the driving force behind sustainable development while helping to reduce poverty, inequality and lays the foundation for continuous growth. PWA is committed to change and we will assist by building an equitable and sustainable economic landscape, appropriating the needs for industries and of people and country in our bilateral projects.
  • PWA intends to assist in the re-engineering of West Africa’s people(s) in its health and education systems with opportunities to elevate the quality of life

Ultimately we will create and foster the professional alliances to ensure success of the PWA projects


  • To provide programs that assist in building harmonious and synergistic relationships that forge sustainability.

  • To present new strategies of technology-infused concepts in areas of business, education, tourism, arts and entertainment, health, and wellness.

  • To increase production, consumption, and growth for West Africa’s communities.