Building the West Africa Brand

The PWA-BEST(Building Equity Sustainability Together) is an annual weeklong showcase of the best of West Africa via a lineup of special presentations, programs, and events. The inaugural event will debut in The Gambia in 2022.

The iconic project is created and developed by Antoinette Pitcan. BEST is a new paradigm sustainable development event concept that aligns public, private partnerships to encourage and cultivate connectivity dialogue to ensure economic and social development in West Africa.

Strategic Positioning

PWA -BEST is a conduit to generate monetary and in-kind support for West African civic, social, and economic development-focused projects. The programs, though not limited to include presentations and live demonstrations, creation of a PWA marketplace, entertainment & arts festival, business connectivity sessions, virtual tours, cultural heritage experiences, interactive forums, and VIP events.

Utilizing The Media

We will take a multimedia and cause-marketing approach focused on digital online platforms and utilizing traditional print, social, and all other media organizations, press representatives to immediately have the key resources for the success of our PWA-BEST  initiative.

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